bassett furniture identification and value guide

Retro:While specific pieces that are considered "retro" often depend on the decade referenced, retro furniture is characterized as having more modern designs that imitate past fashion trends. LOEWY-STYLE SPACE AGE DRESSERS FOR ANY AESTHETIC Bassett furniture year. Her use of fabric swatches for client presentations later became an industry standard. While one could say Colonial furniture is a form of traditional furniture, it encompasses a wider variety of styles from the British Colonial period. We'll send you regularly scheduled look books with the newest styles, familiar favorites, and sale info all in one place. You may find that you receive different values from various sources. Knoll created great designs and also commissioned iconic pieces from Harry Bertoia, Eero Saarinen, and Isamu Noguchi. Is there a way to tell production date from a Bassett Furniture Industries item number? Like I said, antique Bassett pieces have composite frames, muted colors, and abstract shapes. You must all have one or the other type of antique furniture in your homes, right? Rustic:Rustic furniture brings warmth and coziness home. Well, its the same with the Bassetts, but just with an Art Deco twist! Most also had bare wood or stained surfaces! Knoll furniture made use ofmaple,oak,walnut,rosewood, andcherry. The man said he bought it for his daughter when she was young and she is over 50 years old now. American Design:American styles of furniture have a few things in common: solid wood furniture with distinctive grains and stunning finishes are future heirlooms; live-edge metal, stone, and leather blend rich and rustic. Explore over 425 Million sold for prices with item details and images. In contrast, cherry or maple pieces cost more due to their heavy, hardwood frames and lacquers. Sometimes I can find the original advertisements but I usually need the model name or number. If youre looking for the perfect furniture to suit your needs as well as your lifestyle, stop by Feige's Interiors in Saginaw, MI today! So, how do you work on such details? Although it requires registration, offers a free searchable price guide for antiques. The nightstand is stamped with the Bassett Furniture wagon logo. 1075-270-N-STANDS If yes, congrats! Knoll passed away in January 2019, at 101. This has me fascinated as I am not sure if this is a Franken-piece--where someone cut the front off a sideboard or breakfront or dresser and turned it into hanging or if this was a custom piece Bassett made for a person or a store or maybe to decorate an office or if it really was just something sold as is. Although most auction sites don't provide antique valuation services, they do offer a great deal of information. Soon, she landed the job of an interior designer at Harrison, Abramovitz, and Fouilhoux, the architects of Rockefeller Center. In the late 1800s, the Bassett family operated a sawmill. I was just wondering when it could have possibly been made. Early modernist Eliel Saarinen, the father of Eero Saarinen, took Knoll under his mentorship. Queen Anne(17001755): Queen Anne style furniture emerged during the reign of William III of England. Please post back what you learn! Here, try to get Cherry or Walnut wood products for good value. Hand-cut frames, carvings, and joints, right? I tried to find a replacement drawer pull for you, with no luck -- I think if you can find one "good enough" it will increase the value a bit. "650-59-650" Typically, the insurance value of an antique item is the highest retail value for that item. I am not familiar with the "Chimney Corners" or "Sussex" collection so I can't add any info. Select your Favorites. In the 21st century, Bassett focused on imports. Pick furniture pieces with rich gold or silver motifs and ornamentation to hike the costs by 10 12%. Knoll Associates become the leading innovator of modern furnishings and interiors. View more in our Florence Knoll Bassett Furniture Price Guide. Your living room may not be complete without a choice in our collection of mid century bassett furniture find older editions for sale from the 20th Century and newer . Embrace open spaces and clean, subtle furniture, and you'll feel like your home is where you can feel at peace with both yourself and one another. Youll get old Bassett furniture in four types of wood Oak, Cherry, Maple, and Walnut. First, we'll look at historical furniture styles dating back hundreds of years, influenced by classical furniture styles that are even older. Instead, you'll need to seek out a certified antiques appraiser in your area. The original Bassett started around the turn of the 1900s and then they sold off the mirror division much later. The one on Etsy could be a high starting point--but that appears not to be a completed sale and also it is appears to be redone, not original colors as even if it was originally all "antique white" this color now is not that color, so you are not comparing apples to apples. Look closely at the the different elements that make the piece of furniture. Thanks for sharing! We have a variety of Bassett Furniture products in stock, including Furniture, Casegoods & Storage, and Dressers & Chests of Drawers. Now its time for the visual inspection! Peruse current and sold listings to find out how much your furniture might be worth. In certain circles, the Rococo style is referred to as "late Baroque.". Does anyone know anything about these Bassett Fine Art Pictures they both a Vintage Basset Furniture, Bassett, Virginia: Hello! But, what changed was their focus on futuristic design and fast machine cuts. As you view the various values for your antique furniture, it's important to understand that this range reflects the furniture's condition, current market demand, and other significant factors that can vary based on the specific piece or the region in which it is sold. But if you dont see one, check the clues below: How Do You Check Bassett Pieces from the Early 1900s? He also used sleek cabriole legs, pad feet, and curved lines to lower costs. I have a bassett furniture industries end table. How to Identify & Value Antique Shovels (Expert Guide 2023), How to Identify & Value Antique Tobacco Pipes (Guide 2023), Antique Brick Identification Chart & Price Guide (2023), Antique Buttons: Types, Identification & Price Guide (2023), Antique Canning Jars: Identification & Value Guide (2023), Antique Pliers Identification, Types & Value Guide (2023), Antique Cufflinks Identification, Design & Cost Guide (2023), How to Identify & Value an Antique Piano? These pieces feature manufacturing hallmarks as unique as the buyer. Return on Equity = Net Profit (from continuing operations) Shareholders' Equity So, based on the above formula, the ROE for Bassett Furniture Industries is: 12% = US$20m US$159m (Based on. Also, see if they have pewter knobs and rails. Whether you scored an assorted lot at an estate auction or inherited a family member's prized collection, Determining an antique chair's value can be quite difficult, and you might have to pull out your magnifying glass and a detective's cap to get to the bottom of it. 1.877.525.7070 - Furniture and Home Decor. The brothers put together a team of 50 men to run the manufacturing plant. Is that a correct assessment or is the picture misleading? This long production history means that there are a lot of pieces out there in the marketplace. The brands use of color allows for expression without taking over from autumnal reds to pastel browns. In fact, youll need to study its age and shape to guess the exact cost. 9,088. $299.00. It is characterized by utilitarian simplicity and colorful folk painting on cases. Website Development by Beacon Technologies. Her total design approach makes her one of the most influential mid-century designers. About Bassett Furniture. It is the most fashionable antique from the 18th century. Don't turn your nose up at these vintage perfume and cologne bottles from Avon. "650-59-650" "STEP" "T442" Finding antique Bassett pieces is easy-peasy! Early modernist Eliel Saarinen, the father of Eero Saarinen, took Knoll under . Bassett Mirror T2789-120BEC Carnaby Round Cocktail Base (Base Only) $81.21. Most Bassett Furniture locations are in outdoor shopping centers. One last suggestion that may get you a faster answer is there are some Basset furniture Facebook groups. This style of furniture often combines neutral colors with rustic effects to create a vintage vibe. If you're looking for additional options, many customers also consider furniture by Kipp Stewart & Stewart MacDougall, United Furniture Corporation, and Leslie Diamond. And if you need help identifying more vintage pieces like dressers, rocking chairs, and trunks, Ill be happy to help! But, most pieces were handmade and seasoned. The company also sells rugs, lighting, decorations, pillows, and outdoor furniture. If you're wondering whether you have a treasure on your hands, there are a few clues that can help you decide if you need to do more digging into price guides or get a professional furniture appraisal. And sadly, such pieces dont sell fast! This style waxed and waned in popularity from around 1955 through 1985, so it is important to have more details to pinpoint the exact year. They purchased other furniture stores, including the Prestige Furniture Corporation. Later, she studied at the Architectural Association in London. If its symmetrical, it might be new and machine-made. You are also missing the mirror and you did not state anything about the condition. By now, hopefully, youre better equipped to understand how to identify. In 1955, after Hans Knolls death in a car accident, Florence Knoll succeeded him as the president. Tables, china cabinets, and chairs, right? Most of the furniture on the Bassett website is divided by room. Urban Collective:This look is a fresh, livable take on boho-chic, industrial, and mid-century modern designs. So here, I have this guide for ready help! Tha. Also stamped on the back is: 1075-270-N-STANDS. Or you can go with the floral revival style if you love fancy pieces. One of the easiest ways to buy new Bassett furniture with confidence is to only buy from a certified dealer such as Feiges Interiors. Usually stenciling like this or painting was done with each side being identical. Yes, antique Bassett furniture has solid oak, walnut, or maple bodies. Oak is a staple of premium quality Victorian-era furniture, and this tradition lives on in contemporary Bassett sofas, beds, tables, ottomans, and chairs. Shoppers can choose the size, material, and color they prefer. Post back how it goes! $186.91 shipping. She transformed Americas post-war corporate interiors. It is known for classical ornamentation, course carvings, and dark finishes. She remained the companys design director until 1965. Can you please show the Bassett marking? White was the common color used on the pieces of the French provincial style furniture along with different shades of gray and light tones such as sky blue, light green, light pink, silver, beige and many others. value? This can help you place your piece within a price range. Your Bassett dresser has short cabriole legs along with smooth and elaborate curves, which is a distinctive feature of the French provincial furniture style. Sheraton furniture is characterized by an almost severe simplicity, straight lines, contrasting veneers, and sometimes tapered legs. It is known for its gracefully straight lines, contrasting veneers, neoclassical motifs, and ornamentation. John David Bassett traveled to neighboring states where he sold goods along with samples of his lumber. Check if the pieces a bit abstract and uneven at the corners. I have a bassett furniture industries secretary desk, 7 drawers with 915-91 What do stamped numbers mean on antique furniture? She was orphaned at 12 and came under the guardianship of Emile A. Tessin, a close family friend. If you want rare furniture, get the ones in typical Queen Anne, Chippendale, Revival, or Art Deco styles. Today, Ill tell you all about pricing your old Bassett furniture! A list of a few current furniture design types includes: Antique:If you like any of the styles we just described, you might like antique furniture. The Decline Of An American Furniture Maker. Determining the Value of Vintage Furniture, Bronze Feedback Medal for All Time! I believe Bassett made the Monticello line of furniture from the late 1950s through the very early 1970s. There are lots of Bassett catalogs online so I will keep searching to find an exact match and will post back if I locate it! The mirror looks very new (not turn of the century or even 1950s) so I am wondering about thatof course it could be a replacement mirror done at any time in the piece's life. 2023 LoveToKnow Media. Whether youre in the market for antique or brand new pieces, its essential to know how to correctly identify Bassett items so that you know you are purchasing the real deal. Either way, it's important to remember that the values assigned by these resources are informal and do not substitute for a professional appraisal. Oak is a staple of premium quality Victorian-era furniture, and this tradition lives on in contemporary Bassett sofas, beds, tables, ottomans, and chairs. Each piece of Bassett furniture is made to order. Original furniture pieces come with a Knolllabel, and Knoll is printed on the fabric of the furniture. Worn panels, wire-brushed finishes, and tall headboards will also be there! Hepplewhite (1765-1800): Hepplewhite furniture is named after London designer George Hepplewhite and was popular in the early beginnings of the United States. Any idea of year of design and current value? But its a big no for good returns! Bassett has been operational for over a century, and its antique pieces can command a high value on the resale market. How Do You Test the Finish of Vintage Bassett Furniture? This guide on the types of furniture styles includes two lists of furniture styles, encompassing traditional, contemporary, and modern furniture styles. Glued Dovetail joints with sturdier oak frames and cheaper, softwood panels, Solid wood body with a high-density foam pad and unibody design, A shellac, wax, or milk paint finish with visible brush strokes. Dunbar did not use automated production systems. you read and agreed to the. WorthPoint specializes in recent sales of specific items of antique furniture and art. You might also find carved golden hardware and etched burl panels. If possible, check the sold values, since these offer the best indication of value. Are antique/vintage stores open where you are? Bassett Furniture is one of the worlds most ubiquitous luxury furniture brands. The following year in 1931, Indiana-based Dunbar Furniture Corporation recruited Wormley. Still, like some help choosing the style thats right for you? Overall Impression: The Bella dining table only comes in round, but has two leaves that transform it into an oval shape and can seat up to 8 guests at the same time. 3. Well, look for dovetail joints, hardware pulls, grinding marks, and an etched logo. It's on the smaller size. If not, it might be a new, lacquered one. We build upholstery to let you design a comfort and style thats uniquely yours. The cons: Minor disagreements about durability and price value in some cases. Often antique appraisers are available or advertise their business, at antique events and shows. Identifying Bassett Furniture By kstexas, 5 years ago on Identify Antique Furniture 15,966 I recently acquired a 2 tiered step end table and was wondering if anyone could help identify the year it was made. Picture this: You've created the perfect Pinterest board filled with all the types of furniture styles you love but don't know what to call the style. But each Bassett furniture style will change your valuation, right? Feige's Interiors features a large selection of quality living room, bedroom, dining room, home office, and entertainment furniture as well as mattresses, home decor and accessories. Vtg Bassett French Provential Desk or Vanity, Antique Cream Wood. She continued serving until 1960 and then sold the company to Art Metal. It's a good idea to be familiar with the following terms: Most of these values are given in a dollar range rather than a specific figure. At the turn of the 20th century, John David and his brothers founded the furniture company. If you can not find any markings on the back of the panel it makes it a bit more difficult to narrow down and identify the panel. Basset continues this tradition today, and one of the easiest ways to identify a genuine Basset piece is to remove a drawer and examine how the front and back of the drawers fasten to the sides of the unit. One of the easiest ways to buy new Bassett furniture with confidence is to only buy from a certified dealer such as Feiges Interiors. These are some characteristics of the most valuable antique furniture: You can use printed antique price guides to help you get an idea of your piece's value. Unless a piece in the Eastlake style is identified as being made by Herter Brothers or another highly regarded name in antique furniture doing business in the late 1800s, they generally don't sell for high sums today although they may be attractive. The old ones usually have Oak frames and curves! guide you through the project from start to finish. Buffet. The later post-war era turned a new leaf for the bassets! The couple became the driving force behind Knoll. As you will notice in the list of furniture styles below, "modern" and "contemporary" are actually distinct design types in themselves. But, if its lacquered or stained, it might be new and cheaper. I have a China hutch the company is Bassett Furniture Industries Inc / the Bassett Furniture Maple dresser cant find year or worth. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Victorian furniture is characterized by a Romantic influence, heavy proportions, dark finishes, and elaborate ornamentation. Like, their fundamentals costs, and innovation, remained the same! But its not the end! $34.99 shipping. Feige's Interiors serves the surrounding areas of Ann Arbor, Davison, Grand Rapids, Mt. How Do You Identify Old Bassett Pieces from the Early 1930s? I am trying to decide whether to sell or keep this Basset furniture chest. By 1917, Bassett Furniture reached sales of $1 million. answer. It is Bassett furniture or mirror? All rights reserved. So, if your Bassett furniture has wax, milk, or Shellac finishes, you can raise its cost by 2 3%. Antique Brick Identification Chart & Price Guide (2023) Judith M April 23, 2023 Antique Buttons: Types, Identification & Price Guide (2023) Judith M April 22, 2023 Antique Canning Jars: Identification & Value Guide (2023) Judith M April 22, 2023 Antique Pliers Identification, Types & Value Guide (2023) Judith M April 19, 2023 I acquired this piece and I am trying to find out what the value may be. The pros: Sturdy solid wood dressers and bed frame offerings. She enjoys seeing new places, attending antique shows and events, and sharing her knowledge with people! It's almost 4 feet in length and has beautiful fruit painted on it. Maybe someone on those site can tell you more. Found this dresser at a garage sale for $60. Unfortunately I am moving and don't have space but would like to know a roundabout value before I look to let go. They'll be there for you when browsing our upholstery. These stores featured a showroom full of Bassett furniture. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. After you emailed me I showed the photos to my business partner and she did not recognize your table other than to say it is very comparable to pieces she has seen in the Bassett "Chimney Corners" collection which was popular in the late 1950's through the mid 1960's. Page 6 Hardware Identification For . The furniture company separated in the 1950s or 1960s when they sold off the mirror division to a separate company. You could, as cybergrannie suggested, call the companies and ask. WorthPoint is the largest resource online for identifying, researching and valuing antiques. Matching products available: Dining chairs. This furniture features a mix of styles from both Parisian and Royal style of furniture. Since Florence Knoll Bassett designed her pieces only for Knoll Associates, all her designs have a manufacturers label. What is the Value of your Bassett Furniture? Please find a similar item priced at $510 US at Youll mostly see normal paper or metal labels on the bases or seams of old bassett furniture. The nightstand is stamped with the Bassett Furniture wagon logo. By 1892, the line was complete. But, the early Bassets pieces were more of the revival style. Jacobean(16001690): The Jacobean style was borne out of the English Early Renaissance. This collaboration spanned over three decades and established Edward Wormley as a household name. Get expert design help on your project big or small. If you know the manufacturer of your furniture, you'll be more likely to get an accurate idea of its price. Find many varieties of an authentic piece of mid century bassett furniture available at 1stDibs. Avoid getting chipped or faded pieces, as those might lose the value by 5 6%. Prices for Bassett Furniture furniture can differ depending upon size, time period and other attributes on 1stDibs, these items begin at $650 and can go as high as $6,800 . Spray some denatured alcohol or ammonia on your Bassett furniture base. Does Antique Bassett Furniture Have a Solid Wood Body? Rococo is a style of design that originated in the 18th century when painters began to place less emphasis on symmetry and grew more extravagant, floral, and whimsical. All Rights Reserved. First, please select the type of product you want to register: Baby Product Other Ancient and Modern Furniture and Woodwork in the South Kensington Museumby John Hungerford Pollen and South Kensington Museum. The in-store locations feature full showrooms. Related Dictionary Pages: Harry Bertoia Furniture, Paul Evans Furniture, Hans Knoll Furniture. Delivery, In-store, and Warranty Information. Next, check if they have wood inlays and rounded tops! Several websites offer searchable databases and other information to help. Here, look for cabriole legs and cushioned seats to spot Queen Annes furniture. MONACO CHERRY. While Hans Knoll handled business affairs, Florence Knoll became the design force. I found this beauty recently and I can't seem to find any comparisons online except for one that was listed for $2,200 in almost perfect condition. Well, look for dovetail joints, hardware pulls, grinding marks, and an etched logo. Scandinavian Contemporary(19301950): Named from the group of European countries from which it originated, Scandinavian Contemporary design was popular in the early 20th century. You can always start your listing at a higher price, accept offers and lower the price if no one makes an offer.You could list it on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp, etc. So, most cost between $1000 2000. Florence Knoll Bassett was a pioneering designer, architect, entrepreneur, and the guiding light behind Knoll. by stephanie. "T442" Vintage BASSETT Furniture Wood Ottoman - See Pictures #W. $87.53. I have an antique Bassett Furniture Industries Hutch. 9 drawer dresser from Bassett Industries, By entering this site you declare Created during the industrial revolution, Victorian furniture was the first style to be manufactured. All rights reserved. However, once you familiarize you, Kitschy Avon Collectibles With Nostalgic Appeal. If yes, theyll roughly cost $1000 5000. Condition is a major factor in determining value. In other words, it's best to insure your antique furniture for the maximum amount of money it would cost to replace that item if it were lost or damaged. Victorian (18401910): Named after Queen Victoria, this was the furniture style of the English Victorian period. An avid antiques collector herself, Kate has written about antiques for many years. Is there a way to tell production date from a Bassett Furniture Industries item number? It also appears yours was not originally white as I don't remember (but I could be wrong) a piece that had a brown top and white body. If you are keeping this and need to understand the price to put it on your insurance I would seek the help of an antique dealer in your area. They sold lumber to make fast cash but saw the monetary value in the furniture business. As an antique expert, I have faced a lot of queries on old and new Bassett furniture. Antique Bassett furniture comes in four styles Queen Anne, Chippendale, Revival, and Art Deco. Their client list included big players such as IBM, Connecticut General Insurance Company, CBS, and Cowles Publications, to name a few. Box 626 3525 Fairystone Park Highway Bassett, Virginia 24055, USA Email: . Sadly, painting it would devalue it from someone who was looking to match their existing set. so that you know you are purchasing the real deal. I have a China hutch the company is Bassett Furniture Industries Inc / the Bassett Furniture Industries Buffett 450-80-357 Palerno Group. They solely relied on imported wood from Asian countries where wages were lower. Any other information would be great as well. Hello, recently my grandmother passed away and I was left some furniture and have not been able to find this Bassett dresser. 1) Wood type A lot of Bassett living room furniture is manufactured from oak. Does anyone know by chance what era and type of dresser this is? Want to verify your antique Bassett furniture? These days, Bassett Furniture places more emphasis, in the U.S., on retail stores, called Bassett Home Furnishings, where it sells mostly imported wood products and custom-made upholstery.

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