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The Shield - Extreme Rules 2014 (Rating: 8.79), Vs. Daniel Bryan Vs. Batista - WrestleMania XXX (Rating: 8.84), Vs. Christian - SummerSlam 2011 (Rating: 8.99), Vs. Christian - Over The Limit 2011 (Rating: 9.01), Vs. John Cena Vs. Orton, who was a member of Triple H's Evolution faction, had begun to refer to himself as "The Legend Killer" on WWE television. Aforementioned, Christian and Orton hit many home runs in their series of matches in 2011, and their encounter at Over The Limit was arguably the pick of the bunch. The stakes were high at Survivor Series 2003 with Stone Cold Steve Austin's job as co-Raw General Manager on the line. Suggestions for articles and quizzes welcome! They had no less than half-a-dozen matches from May through October and each of them was better than the last. Read our Privacy and Data Policy. Orton has carved out a WWE Hall of Fame-worthy career with the number of championships he has amassed. At SummerSlam 2004, Randy Orton became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history by defeating Chris Benoit. That is why it was a bit surprising when Orton emerged victorious in a number one contenders battle royal. A bloody and violent warfare, Mick Foley could not have done any more to put Orton over. The Viper is a former 14-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion and has competed at 16 different WrestleMania events during his WWE career. Orton had to work his way back up the ranks through his aforementioned feud with The Undertaker before he could finish what he started with Triple H. He got that chance in late 2007 when he beat him in the main event of No Mercy to become the only man to win the WWE title twice in the same night. Randy Orton Riddle Vs Seth Rollins Kevin Owens #shorts #wwegirlprince#youtube #wwe#wwe#raw#SmackDown#wwematch#wew#youtubeshorts#shorts#trending#viral #2023. chants as Daniel Bryan completed "The Miracle on Bourbon Street" and cemented one of the most amazing WrestleMania moments in WWE history. Cena was able to nab the handcuff key from Orton's neck and made a comeback, which saw him make Orton tap out to the STF to win and become WWE Champion once again. This led to Randy Orton and Seth Rollins squaring off at WrestleMania 31. He soon set his sights on taking the Intercontinental Championship of Orton. 15:43. This is the match that made Randy Orton a star. Orton certainly came of age that night as he bled profusely, and he endured a tremendous amount of punishment from Cactus Jack. You can't help but love when you get a classic match on an episode of Monday Night Raw. Ever since Orton debuted for WWE back in 2002, it was pretty clear he had a bright future. PS. The road to WrestleMania XXX was a bumpy one. Extreme Rules 2011 was an excellent event overall and this set the tone for what was to come. It was Cesaro's first true crack in a main event situation. It was not an ideal result but it did produce a damn good program between the two, culminating in a No Holds Barred match at Summerslam. Let's take a closer look at Randy Orton's five greatest WWE WrestleMania matches. Orton and Christian would collide for the World Heavyweight Championship a couple times on SmackDown, and on four consecutive pay-per-views, Over The Limit, Capital Punishment, Money in The Bank and SummerSlam. The action was so hot, particularly Batista and Orton's double reverse RKO/Batista Bomb through the announcer's table. WWE superstar Roman Reigns rendy Orton broke lesner under tekar match WWE fighting best champions#wwe #wwesmackdown #wwf #wwe2k22 #wwe row#world #world best. Neither team held back in this brawl and it was mesmerizing to watch. Full . Most fans look at their SummerSlam encounter as being the best, but in my opinion, their first pay-per-view bout at Over The Limit is the clear best. BritWres: LGBTQ+ Pro Wrestling Show Coming To Liverpool! Will . Wrestling: How Independent Wrestling Is Changing the Landscape, WWE: Clash at the Castle delivered 20m+ into Welsh Economy. It eventually led to a hardcore showdown at Backlash. Most fans agree that Orton's 2017 was far from his best year. Last time @WWEDanielBryan competed at #WrestleMania in New Orleans@RandyOrton @DaveBautista pic.twitter.com/8Ed17kCNRs. Evolution's Orton, Batista and Ric Flair defeated Foley and The Rock in what turned out to be a fun affair, but Foley has famously never been proud of his performance that night. Orton has generally found himself in the business end of pay-per-views and he has headlined WrestleMania twice. It was all about Foley beating respect into Orton and forcing him to go to a place he had never been before. He had finally done it and the show ended with over 70,000 people chanting "Yes.". Randy Orton and Christian had an excellent series of matches in 2011. A feel-good moment of 2011 was when Christian finally hit the top of the mountain, winning the world title. While their WrestleMania 36 affair wasn't what it could have been, their rematch at Backlash beautifully capped off their 15-plus-year history. As the weeks passed, Randy Orton punt kicked all members of The New Nexus, leaving CM Punk as the last remaining member of the faction. The former Evolution stablemates worked as a cohesive unit for certain portions of the match to keep Bryan at bay. With Triple H wrestling twice already the match did start slow. Indies: Deadlock Pro Wrestling The Gem of the Carolinas. After locking in the YES! HHH was the one that took the title from him in 2008 before their series of grueling gimmick matches, so it was apparent Orton still wasn't being portrayed as an equal to Triple H until he beat him on back-to-back pay-per-views in 2009. Now, this is how you open up a pay-per-view! The action started off fast with some quick exchanges. It was a brilliantly crafted storyline that saw Orton emerge a much bigger star than before it started. The Game squeaked out the win and the WWE Title. It brought an edge to his character and the vicious nature of his attacks made him a must-see talent. Hardy left WWE a short while later and returned nearly a decade later, picking up where he left off with Orton in the fall of 2018. . How each man paired off with another during the match was an interesting way to present the championship encounter. To settle the score once and for all, Cena proposed a 60 minute Iron Man match and Orton raised the stakes, adding the stipulations of Anything Goes and, should Cena lose, he would be gone from RAW for good. Fans were treated to about 20 minutes of some of the bestaction that any of these guys have been part of during their careers. Trident Digital Media Limited. At Elimination Chamber 2019, Daniel Bryan defended the WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber against five of the very best that SmackDown had to offer. To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you. Randy Orton has actually probably had several matches. ", For close to 12 months, Daniel Bryan had been involved in a fierce rivalry with Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and The Authority after they only considered Bryan to be a "B+ player.". After several months away, Randy Orton returned to WWE television at the Fastlane pay-per-view in 2015. From reliving his intense rivalry with Jeff Hardy to igniting a new one by eliminating AJ Styles, Orton looked great. Edge managed to get the win in the end but the result was not as important as the journey. That's what happened when Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton faced off in this Street Fight. Orton costing Punk the World Heavyweight Championship with a swift kick in the head in 2008 was the genesis of their rivalry heading into WrestleMania 27. WrestleMania 21 saw Randy Orton attempt to break The Undertaker's legendary WrestleMania undefeated streak. It has so many moving parts and important moments that should be remembered more fondly. Randy Orton and John Cena have a long long history. The 2014 edition hasbecome one of those instances. They put together one of, if not the, best fatal four-way in the companies history. The Viper was hoping to repeat the trick at Survivor Series 2016 when he represented Team SmackDown that went toe-to-toe with Team Raw. When Cactus blocked the RKO and slammed Orton into a pile of thumbtacks, the look on Orton's face told the story of his pain. Randy Orton is now a 10-year veteran in the WWE. Even in empty venues, Orton and Edge captivated the viewing audience with their exceptional mic work and made matters more personal by the week. The storyline started on a whim with Orton dethroning Christian as world heavyweight champion on SmackDown in May 2011 within days of Christian capturing the gold. Crowds were consistently hot for their matches no matter how many times they faced off and everything they were doing in between the pay-per-views kept people interested. The Leader of the Cenation wasn't any ordinary rivalry. Orton and Bryan engaged in one of their most heated exchanges ever. It was one of the sickest sights to ever happen in a WWE ring. He was riding a wave of momentum following his huge victory over Triple H at Armageddon in December 2007, earning him the opportunity to vie for Orton's WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble the following month. A lot of that is down to his crispness in the ring that has led to many classic in-ring contests throughout his 20-year career. In his near twenty year career, he has had no limit of classic matches. Stardoms Allstar Grand Queendom 2023 Preview: Who rules the Joshi Queendom? Rollins seemed to follow in Orton's footsteps as soon as he joined The Authority in 2014, so it always more a matter of when and not if they'd collide. The attack led Randy Orton to be kayfabe injured and off WWE television for several months as he "recovered" from these injuries. This was not a problem that Cena and Orton ran into. Rob Van Dam-I-C Title Match-Armageddon 2003 15 of 27 This was a significant milestone for Orton for numerous reasons. Edge Vs. Chris Jericho Vs. Batista - New Year's Revolution 2005 (Rating: 9.13), Vs. Cactus Jack - Backlash 2004 (Rating: 9.35), Randy Orton's 14 World Title Reigns, Ranked From Worst To Best, one of the most prolific performers in the history of, Daniel Bryan defended the WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber, The Viper was determined to back up his victory over Michaels at, Both factions were a force to be reckoned with, one of the best WWE Title matches of the decade, 10 Things About Christian's WWE Career That Made No Sense, arguably the best main event that WWE staged in 2007, defended the Intercontinental Championship, Mick Foley's 5 Best Matches As A Heel (& 5 Best As A Babyface). WWE: The Case for Rhodes Vs. Reigns at WrestleMania, WWE: Intercontinental Championship Moments at WrestleMania. Actor, Stage Combatant, Writer, Rugger Bugger and Wrestling Fan. Randy Orton is now pretty much one of the greatest stars in WWE history. NEXT: Mick Foley's 5 Best Matches As A Heel (& 5 Best As A Babyface). Note: Royal Rumbles and traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series matches are excluded with limited number of tag and multi-man contests listed in order to highlight Orton's singles match capabilities. To main event Backlash 2007, it was the top two heels on Raw and the top two faces colliding over John Cena's WWE Championship. WWE LADDER MATCH WITH UNDERTAKER VS OWENS VS ROMAN REIGNS VS RANDY ORTON VS YOKOZUNA BEST LADDER MATCH EVER !! John Cena and Orton have had careers that have strongly paralleled each other, and thus an extensive feud playing off their similarities and vast differences was always going to make perfect sense. Hana Matane: A Celebration of the Life of Hana Kimura, Pro Wrestling Illustrateds Tag Team 50 Revealed: #FTR tops, Pro Wrestling Illustrateds Tag Team 50 Revealed: Women Only, Pro-Wrestling NOAH: An Introduction to RATELS, WWE: WrestleMania 29 Recap April 7, 2013 | MatMagMania, WWE: WrestleMania 28 Recap April 1, 2012 | MatMagMania, WWE: WrestleMania 27 Recap April 3, 2011 | MatMagMania, WWE: WrestleMania 26 Recap March 28, 2010 | MatMagMania, WWE: WrestleMania 25 Recap April 5, 2009 | MatMagMania, Jeffs House of Horror: The Very Best Flicks of the 1970s. The second-generation star debuted on the April 25, 2002 edition of SmackDown. Randy Orton: Profile & Match Listing - Internet Wrestling Database (IWD) Randy Orton Profile & Match Listing Facts & Stats PWI Ratings Opponents & Partners Win/Loss Record Star Ratings Win Types Relations PPV Randy Orton Promotion Search: All HWA NXT OVW WWE WWF In fact, he had several, with this one being the second best of the bunch. After some back and forth chops and punches from both men, Flair whipped Orton hard into the steel cage, which busted Orton open, after just 2 minutes. Each match they had was great and Christian won back the title at Money in the Bank.

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