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sure well get an FAQ updating profiles for Thousand Sons and Chaos Space Marines and Daemons soon, which will probably not be so great for those factions. Curse of the Leper is also barely changed (roll 7d6 against closest enemy T, deal a mortal for each time you beat it), and in this case thats less good news. Announcing: The Unified Tournament Circuit (UTC). So long as you dont get tabled, this secondary is fairly easy to score 8-15 points on, as you can use lots of the Elite helper characters to tick off the requirements. There are three of these and two of them are pretty good. This is an interesting change and I wonder if we see any other actions like this in other codex in order to restrict cheap units that often got picked to fill out detachments. However, most of these units have other things that buffed them, like the daemon prince sword becoming str +1 ap3 3dmg. S+. Don: Possessed, unfortunately their transport options have been limited. Such an amazing model and was a joy to paint! Those are pretty great rules but the clincher is that you can deploy this model and its furnace buddy within 6 of each other anywhere more than 12 away from the enemy deployment zone and any enemy models, allowing you to drop these guys mid-table and control sections of the board as your units move up. Just add 9ed Codex [Chaos] - Heretic Astartes - Death Guard of DelightfulMiracl3 to My Favorites. has gotten major improvements as well. Warhammer 40k - Codex - Imperial Guard (4E).pdf Warhammer 40k - Codex - Index Astartes I.pdf Warhammer 40k - Codex - Index Astartes II.pdf 31,001 KB . While he gets +2 attacks over his prior incarnation, hes now only got 10 movement with wings, talons are AP -1 (and one attack each), and hes lost his aura to re-roll hit rolls of 1 for friendly Nurgle Daemon units, destroying his ability to buff Daemon Engines and any cross-faction synergy with daemons (he now only gives re-rolls to CORE units). Every HQ choice except for the Malignant Blightcaster and the Sorcerer in Terminator Armour now has the LORD OF THE DEATH GUARD keyword, preventing you from taking more than one in a detachment. is back, but now it gives the Helbrute +1 to hit and wound. I feel he is the best unit in the book, but still needs to be careful against things such as the Nightbringer! The durability you get is eye-watering, but thats tempered by there being very few mobility options, and hefty price tags capping the number of ranged threats you can afford to bring. It does not affect Nurgle units when it explodes either. He has the twin plague spewer and a plague weapon power fist, called a Plague Claw. DelightfulMiracl3 Download PDF Share Discover the best professional documents and content resources in AnyFlip Document Base. More than I think Ive seen for any other army. It incentivizes and rewards a mono-Death Guard army and really shines on Plague Marines and Blightlord Terminators (bubotic axes wounding space marines on a 2+ rerolling 1s is. Score 4 VP if every objective marker is within the Contagion Range of Contagion abilities that units in your army possess. Thanks comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment . In addition to the strats granted by the above Plague companies, the Death Guard also get a stack of stratagems that are available to any company. Ah, the suffering! This is fine with most of your stuff at T5 it will strip away the capabilities of mid-tier stuff going after you, and getting a big cast will help a lot, but its a little risky, because you cant rely on the A bit working, and sometimes modifying S wont do anything. Theres also some fun interplay between this and the Miasmic Malignifier. There are two new units in Codex: Death Guard The. They are a walking pestilence, a living plague of destruction and horror. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. Lord of Virulence: $40. He does nothing for your daemon engines. These are now fully fledged Death Guard getting Disgustingly Resilient, extra toughness and the Lord of the Death guard keyword and aura. I could go either way, the flavour here is quite Death Guard specific. Blightlord Terminators, Deathshroud Terminators, Tallyman, Plague Surgeon, Poxwalkers, Mortarion. Stupidly, the only way to get the digital version of the codex in the app is to buy the physical codex and then enter the code in the app. Its been a long road to get here but Death Guard players can finally rejoice and enjoy the long-awaited gifts of Grandfather Nurgle because Codex: Death Guard is nearly upon us! This makes Terminator Lords even more durable. Typhus gets an update as well, gaining the HARBINGERS keyword but a rule that lets him moonlight in other Plague Company detachments without messing anything up. Bigger chances are afoot for Plague Wind (WC6) and GIft of Contagion (WC5), both of which now have a basic mode and a more powerful effect that goes off on a cast that exceeds the target charge by 3 or more. There are some complaints I have, sure there are a few areas where the rules are clunky and the lack of cross-faction synergy with daemons isnt great, but so much of it just works. You are, also, going to pretty much have to take the wound option every time, as risking 3VP on a roll of a 4+ is just a, idea. To put it mildly, being able to slap a 12 bubble of half movement or no re-rolls on a Bloat-Drone on turn 2 and just sort of fly it near your opponents entire dang army is quite the thing. Weirdly, they haven't dropped the digital version of the codex - whether Apple or ePub. Theres too much you cant control and it shares a slot with the. Their relic is the. still lets you pick an enemy unit within 18 and roll a dice for each model, dealing a mortal on each 6. on a 5+ with the higher cast. Not good against every army, but going to absolutely, some opponents, especially on Mortarion. If those sound like Auras to you well, they should be but the rules explicitly state that they arent and are not affected by rules that affect Auras. , I do also want to call out that the relic is an absurdly strong character buff it just gives the bearer full hit and wound re-rolls in melee with no questions asked, which is quite the thing on a Daemon Prince with a hellforged sword. have dropped to 5 points but lost ObSec so are functionally worthless except for Deploying Scramblers. All your favorite characters return, and theyre all better than ever. Wings: I like this book a whole lot. Possessed, unfortunately their transport options have been limited. Core unit so affected by most buffs. This means you can take a Miasmic Malignifier or Hellblade in an army of Ferrymen, then use this to give them. Each roll of a 4 or a 5 inflicts 1 mortal wound and each roll of a 6 inflicts D3 mortal wounds. I dont see any reason why I would not try to field at least one. This lets you essentially run as many as you want in a single Detachment, which is pretty great. The Foetid Virion are all of the Death Guard Elites Character choices like the Tallyman and the Foul Blightspawn. ), The Dead walk Again Brings back Poxwalkers in the command phase! Stratagem, which reduces the number of attacks models make with ranged weapons to generate an even more potent effect. Mike: Finally, Chaos Marines are able to summon Daemons still, although this could change once Daemons receive their 9th Edition codex. ASIN : 1839061375 : Customer Reviews: 4.8 out of 5 stars 230 ratings. We definitely have some stand out units/stratagems, but each codex of 9th does. Core unit, Now have 2D3 attacks and a -1 Leadership aura. This has a high floor (itll be unusual to score below 6) but a pretty low ceiling, as you can only do one per turn so maxing it out against a savvy opponent is going to be very tough. The Lord of Contagion gets a change to his Aura; he now gets +3 to his Contagion ranges rather than having an aura that does Mortal Wounds. I almost forgot this section because the new datasheet for Mortarion was released more than a month ago. As a Lord of the Death Guard he now has a 6 reroll hits of 1 aura that only affects Core units. Also, Death to the False Emperor is gone, so if youre a Death Guard player you no longer have to worry about remembering that rule. The first is Hateful Assault. Inexorable Advance is basically the updated Death Guard legion trait, and its pretty solid. As with other Daemon engines the Defiler has had a general improvement with better WS, BS and more Attacks! rule) at 24 on the move, and dramatically improving the armys mobility overall. Don and I are very excited to talk about this book theres a lot here and Chaos players of all stripes should be extremely pleased with these rules. Whatever, I hate painting them anyways. to be an improvement on the old 18 Rapid fire rule. This book contains the most up-to-date points values that should be used in your matched play games, covering all the factions in Warhammer 40,000. Rob: The Droning is incredibly rude, but overall I think Mortarions Anvil gets the nod from me. Theres also more reason to take the, The first of these stays pretty strong because you pretty much always pay 10pts for the. Unit options are now based on what is in the box, so one of each weapon type for every 5 models. Its also worth noting that many rules and auras are now Plague Company-locked rather than giving DEATH GUARD units the bonus, so as you build your lists its worth keeping in mind that you should avoid mixing Plague Companies unless you have a specific plan in mind. Essentially it acts as a forward contagion node giving you a 9 -1 Toughness bubble out on the battlefield, It also gives Deathguard Light Cover or -1 to hit if they already are in cover. Yes, they did. I feel this makes Mortarion a real must take in this book due to how good these traits make him! It is not the most flashy relic, but increasing the range on the Noxious Blightbringers or Plague Surgeons aura effects are extremely good and allow for greater coverage. Almost everything about it feels unique and powerful but not overbearing. July 15, 2020. Miasmic Malignifier: $48. Has changed a little now giving +1 Move and Advance to Core Units and Elite Characters within 6 sadly this means he cant speed up Poxwalkers or HQ options any more. Here thats offset by you now getting +1A with the flail, because the rule giving extra attacks if you have multiple weapons now works with any of them, and the model keeps a plague knife. . This has a high floor (itll be unusual to score below 6) but a pretty low ceiling, as you can only do one per turn so maxing it out against a savvy opponent is going to be very tough. Plague Wind still lets you pick an enemy unit within 18 and roll a dice for each model, dealing a mortal on each 6 or on a 5+ with the higher cast. B. My normal site that I grab these from has been shutdown and I'm looking to grab up all the 9th edition codex if anyone has them to share or knows where I can grab them. There are a few things we havent seen yet, though, and were covering them all here. We hope thats whetted the diseased, depraved appetites of all the Chaos players out there, and were pretty sure that in the next few weeks were going to be seeing Death Guard armies slamming onto any tablenot quarantined by a sadly-too-real disease in force. This gives you back some of the old Foul Blightspawn magic, giving one of them a 6 aura that means enemies never count as having charged, and cannot benefit from any Fight First effects. This lets you essentially run as many as you want in a single Detachment, which is pretty great. Similarly, the, is also very good here. A far cry from the original books list, the Death Guard now have four glorious pages of stratagems, though not as much of the War of the Spider list has made it into this book several of those abilities were rolled into specific units and others have just vanished and the returning ones tend to have small adjustments. Now, this is just on your Warlord, but by the end of the game that becomes a large bubble in which your opponent will find it difficult to counter your attacks! Ankbars Expedition Kharadron Overlords, Podcast: Episode 121 | Mortarions Wrath Sprues & Brews, Warhammer 40,000 War Zone Charadon | Act 1 The Book of Rust Written and Video Review Sprues & Brews, New Warhammer 40,000 Codex Thousand Sons Review | 9th Edition Sprues & Brews. I have to admit I was skeptical theyd produce a fortification worth fielding competitively but the Contagions rules for this thing are solid the, rule means that it always counts the current battle round as 4 for its contagions rules (so, max range), and its, rule gives friendly Death Guard Infantry within 6 Light Cover or -1 to be hit if they already had light cover. I legitimately believe there isnt a bad Stratagem among them and theres a ton of power in the list. Your Plague Marines, Terminators and Daemon Engines can soak up absurd levels of punishment as they creep inexorably closer to the enemy, and when they arrive they can do spectacular damage, crushing all resistance in their path. This secondary is one that is likely to never be taken. Its a positive change, since having 2 attacks is better than having 1 and getting a second one conditionally. Codex Death Guard keeps up his standard with some really fun Crusade content! I do not know what the list will become because so many builds look great and viable. The Entropy Cannons are only +5 points now and also strongly worth consideration, since they now do a staggering D3+3 damage. Notably, going from S4 to S5 matters less than it normally does but S6 (as per the Bubotic Axes) is considerably more of a big deal because you start wounding many elite Infantry units on 2s, while S7 compared to S8 is less of a drawback than normal for tank punching, and going from S8 to S9 is almost completely pointless. Fully agree with Don here, this guy rocks, just a really strong, flexible character. He still has the Lord of the Death Guard area though so will be rerolling 1s to hit for Core units in 6. to make for some incredibly nasty consequences for big units), gives friendly units +1 movement when not Falling Back, and gives nearby psykers -1 to their tests. is the star of the show again. Now sporting BS 3+ and a Plagueburst Mortar with a flat 2 damage statline, its priced to move at 165 points. It is relatively cheap. The many Relics of the Death Guard Codex have undergone some changes as well. Theyve lost their Tri-lobe rule and no longer have fog to shield nearby units, but the new fortification can play that role well enough and they have the. Continuing from the character upgrades seen in the Space Marine codex, the Death Guard can pay points to give upgrades to the characters and unit champions and while named characters cannot take them, I absolutly love the fact that you can for example give your Deathshroud champion an upgrade giving each hit of a 6 an additional hit, or why not make each wound of 6 cause a mortal wound on top? Interestingly his pistol has gone and has been replaced with an aura that does mortal wounds to a unit in the command phase. You pay 30 points more for it than Chaos Space Marines do theirs, but the other upside is that the Defiler Cannon is now a flat 3 damage gun. Death Guard 9th edition codex: $50. That makes them the perfect combo with the Biologus Putrifier, and way more cost-efficient for getting volume of attacks down than Plague Marines now that only one model in five can swap to a free second plague knife. With the Munitorum Field Manual out in the wild and the Faction FAQs released, now's a good time to start taking a look at what's changed for all of our favourite armies. They basically count as terminators for getting in to our codex transports and I would be willing to wager a Forge World Errata to normalise this is not far off. The Death Guard get their own psychic discipline in the form of the Contagion Discipline! The Blightlords have lost their Aura of Rust and their weapon options are based on kit contents, so 1 in 5 can have each weapon option. Its probably not as busted as The Droning, but its equally good for use with the Flash Outbreak Stratagem. Its a nice little add-on to have for your Plague Marine and Blightlord Terminator Units. I really like these inclusions of a real army in addition to the Eavy Metal images as this gives you more inspiration and ideas for the creation of your own force! They also get the insanely powerful, plague, which prevents enemy units from firing Overwatch or setting to defend and prevents them from re-rolling hit and wound rolls. Also the Rothail Volley Gun is Rapid Fire 3. Gorgeous modes and I'm so happy at how these turned out!! The Warlord trait is interesting, it is pretty much a reworking of some of the old Death guard auras, dishing out mortal wounds in the enemy movement phase. This secondary objective is also really bad on missions with fewer than 5 objective markers. Ok, lets talk about the new ones. This new book finally brings the faction forward into 9th edition with a massive release that includes new units and a major refresh of the model range. Can see some really fun lists with aggressive mortars and defilers with this!

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