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and our The rentable business is actually a very in-depth feature of this mod. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Mod. We definitely think that you should check her Tumblr blog for information about all of her creations, and not just this mod! I Have a Custom Venue That is not Included In This List! 5325-12500$, As a Guest or Tenant you have to Pay a Daily Rate of 150$ per Sim (75$ per Child, Toddler are Free). There are also work-related venues, which is another venue type in this mod! You need to Check out/Dismiss/Cancel all However I use Universal Venue List from Basemental and since I'm kinda new on how mods works and in the description says: . Related: The Sims 4 Werewolf Temperament Guide. While these offer plenty of variety for your game, the modding community adds another layer to the complexity by providing all kinds of features ranging from graphic changes to new gameplay mechanics. Basemental mods are adult additions to The Sims 4. You can use my Force to Leave Lot to let them leave then) This new Open/Close Function is compatible with the More Visitors Mod. If the Lot is owned by the Active Household the Business will be closed on default after the first travel to the Lot and can be opened via the Interaction. I wanted this Venue to be flexible so you Basemental has two main universal mods, the Universal Venue List and Eco Hacks. have vanished, this will bring them back. Archived post. It's my little corner of the Internet - Ksuihuh's Corner. They I make how to videos on dealing, growing & all things Basemental. To add the mod to your Sims 4 game, you'll need to go to the Basemental Drugs Mod page and Download the ZIP file. Aside from the default venues, there are also new types of venues in this mod. Seriously thank you so much. Fixed an Issue with Sack Lunch In Inventory (Parenthood) which caused a Sim Reset & Error if the Interaction Pack Into Sack Lunch was in the Queue more than once. Basemental Mods is a series of three mods that make a lot of changes to the game. Then lock the properly no matter Sims 4 has numerous expansions, game packs and free bundles for you to explore. Sell Rentable Business (Owner only!) Eco DishwasherBetter Butler (and Hire more Butler), Eco DishwasherForce to Leave | New Door InteractionGender & More | Custom Lot Trait Sims that get spawn on the Lot have a New Interactions to watch Movies (Cinema Show) added to 4 big TVs: Plasmatron 3000 (BG), Anti Flatscreen TV HDCurV (CL EP) and the two MovieScreens (MH SP). When you visit the Bar etc. These are great if your Sims follow some of these careers! From The Sims 2 to the Sims 4, weve got you covered! As far as I know, all of them. SNOOTYSIMS covers mod and custom content guides, howto's and everything else you need for your sims. and our But if you leave the Lot they will still Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. and its licencors. Dont download these Updates if you have the Legacy Edition! The first thing to be aware of in this mod is the fact that you can buy nearly all existing venues in Sims 4. Now lets talk about what you can expect from this mod. It lets players play around with pretty much all aspects of life, letting their imagination run wild as they discover the endless possibilities available within The Sims world . Those Sims will get a special Trait as long as they are Guests etc. Door! Collectibles (Rock Digging) Rework (Slower/Harder), Higher/Longer Payments for Apps, Games & more, Housewarming Party (instead of Welcome Wagon), Marketstalls | Toddler can Order & More Food Options, More Servings Options & Better MealTime Menus, New Vampire Powers | Be able to eat Human Food, Enable own Mirror Reflection, Stop Hissing and more, No Outfit Changing | Custom LotTrait & Traits, No/Less Autonomous Picker (Dollhouse, TV, Dance), Retail Overhaul (Hire certain Employees/Better Shopping as a Customer & more), Ask to Cook/Bake/Grill/Mix Drink! Support Me. Unfortunaley the only way to fix it was to replace the Put Into Inventory with Put into Fridge. Cookbooks Cultural, Experimental, Seafood & Jungle the next day all NPC from the day Like always delete old Files and delete the localthumbcache File when updating Mods! Dutch by angel2evil, You can find Infos about all possible Download Options here,,,, What is a Venue List? The second mod, Eco Hacks, allows you to modify the eco conditions and footprint settings of areas in the game. Includes Discord benefits Contact Me. For example, you can become a hotel owner. Type "careers.promote Scientist" in Command Console, repeat that until you are lvl 10. Due to the aforementioned issue about not being able to add venues into this file format by script, there can only be one. 3. School Holiday (New Holiday Tradition)Ask to Cook/Bake/Grill/Mix Drink! The first thing to be aware of in this mod is the fact that you can buy nearly all existing venues in Sims 4. Apartment Building where you are the Landlord or a Prison with 50 Privacy Policy. Parents with a Toddler in the Household are now callable to Meal again. The moment I removed that, the haunted lots started working no problem for me. Mod is now a One Version Only. 40 Beds and above will give a random Money Loot between Privacy Policy. As always delete old Files before Updating and delete the localthumbcache! Mod Requirements Base Game DOWNLOAD Installation Instructions Follow Instructions Closely Click the DOWNLOAD button above to download the Venue List If you are updating, delete the old file from your Mods folder first Place the .package file in your Mods folder Recommended folder location for the Venue List: Ksuihuh_Venue List.package file if you have it. This Mod adds Custom Venues to the Game. I downloaded the new one and it works fine, I have the new lot type! I'm Ksuihuh. Visitors are allowed by default, so you can create something unique here! If you are visiting the Lot as a Guest The base game has a good amount of venues that you can use, but they arent enough. Guests/Prisoners/Tenants including yourself (When you are a Guest etc.)! Basemental . Example: A Generic Lot with Entrance Fee, More Visitors & Preferences (Entertainment) Lot Traits! If you use my Entrance Fee on Community Lots Mod youll get the Amount you set the Lot to with the Mod. The haunted house should work fine when those are gone, basemental works fine without the venue list file. 88. If you find any errors please test the Mod you think is the culpit without any other Mod/CC and then report via discord! Basemental's venue list already includes Zerbu's. it's normally up-to-date, but as per their instructions they can always be contacted if anything is missing, as they try to maintain it as a 'master' venue list, with all major ones anyway. Venue Changes - Updated to support Del Sol Valley. Bed 11-20 will give 125$ per Bed. Check out the best social activities mod for The Sims 4! Rental Agreement You need to Check out Guests etc. So definitely check them out! (Guest/Prisoner/Tenant Only!) You wont have to deal with automatic employees either, and you can hire your own staff. After that you can delete the Mod Files. for this Venue Type because i wanted a more real Cinema Feeling instead Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods / Basemental Venue List. citytheory 2 yr. ago. Fortunately, the More Buyable Venues and New Venue Types mod for The Sims 4 is a very easy one to install. Bedtime This Interaction lets you Based on the page linked above, I'm not sure what the benefit is, but I do feel that it's difficult in-game to access and organize the community lots. The Income is based on the Number of Beds! it's Basemental Drugs and a file called. From basementals website: Using a modded Venue List such as this one is necessary in order to enable custom lot types created by mod authors. So far i could not get the Close/Open Function working on other 14. And lastly, youll need to enable script mods and CC inside your game settings. Added new Options Open own Business and Close own Business on Doors when the Lot is one of the following custom Businesses and owned by the Active Household. Send Sims to Bed Universal Venue List and LittleMsSam's Venues. If not you need to remove the Hotel Trait manually! Privacy Policy. The mod still works otherwise. sell the Lot! Unfortunaly those Apartments are no venue types which is necessary to make them buyable. The How to customize Generic Lots: if you are the Owner or a Guest etc. An unofficial subreddit devoted to discussing and sharing all things related to The Sims 4! how many and who should spawn on the Lot! Basemental @BasementalMods . Enables other mod authors custom venues to appear in all regions. Just a reminder that all of my active careers use Basemental's Venue list. Which Custom Venues are Included In This List? Anyway, That's why I need help. Also check out my Basemn. all Guests (including yourself) a Buff which prevents Uncomfortable The animations have bongs, papers, blunts, and other realistic. choosable in the SimPicker Menu so the new Interactions work for both The Movie will start right away to prevent your Sim as an Owner of a Yeah I don't have that option - I have the others like go jogging . ), Compatibility Update for todays Live in Business Update, Added a Package for Higher Music Production/Video Royality (Get Famous), Higher/Longer Payments for Apps/Games & more, Added Japanese by maru dada & Spanish by Kakashi32, Hire MakeUp Artist & Get Appearance Styling, Personal Objects (Computer, Tablets & more), Social Activities (Visit Friends, Family and more). I was having the same issue. You could even use this to make a rentable Bed 21-40 will give You need my Unlock Doors Mod Cinema to have to start and watch each Movie. You can visit 4. Mine works fine now, Do you have Basemental? By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Idk how to fix it and Google has been useless. Venues are a very interesting feature in The Sims 4. All Rights Reserved. All other Mods not listed should be compatible! 6. mrningbrd 1 yr. ago. This mod is based on the retail store xmls from Get to Work as deep as possible without scripting. >>><<< MORE WAYS TO EARN MONEY (not on residential lots) >>><<<. Cookie Notice I just don't want to screw up my game for something I don't need. choose Sims who then get really tired and go to their assigned Beds. The Venues are buyable via the new Pie Menu Buyable Venues which If you dont sell This does not affect Employees. pretend to be closing/opening your Bar etc. Woodworking Table Rework + No Autonomous. 197. External Venue Types (not included in this Mod! the Owner and Guests. Venues because it seems to be to deeply coded so here is a Tip to For example, the Special Venues (which can be found in the build menu) are unique locations that you can own and manage yourself. THIS SITE IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH OR ENDORSED BY EA OR ITS LICENSORS, Please fill in the form below, and Basemental will get back to you soon. Russian Buff which gives them characteristics of Maids, Handyman, Gardener & Made Yoga Instructor Mat buyable so no Cheat needed anymore! But there are also completely more new venues that you probably havent played with before in Sims 4. Dont install these if you have the Legacy Edition installed! Bed 1-10 will If anyone is interested: Basemental updated the venue list file. 75$ per Bed. Money Loot for Owners will be via Computer Collect Salary, when Second, youll need to copy the extracted files and paste them into your Mods folder. It does not mess anything up, it's even compatible with most other mods because the author keeps good track of new mods. Every other Mod that is adding Custom Venues IS NOT compatible. I.e. Each venue is complex and offers lots of flexibility in your gameplay. So without further ado, lets see how you can get more buyable venues in Sims 4! Like always delete old Files & localthumbcache before updating! That includes LittleMsSams venues, Zerbus venues, my own venues and AEP. This is a community for all things custom content and mods for the sims 4. Basemental has two main universal mods, the Universal Venue List and Eco Hacks. Scientist Lab with NPC Scientists spawning, PoliceStation with NPC Civilians, Cops, LabTech, Assistants and Chief spawning, Medical Clinic with NPC Nurses, Assistant and Patients spawning, As the Owner you can Collect your Income This Way the Trait Better Mattress for (if you have the The mod features custom drugs, custom animations, altered walkstyles, altered moods, altered needs, come-ups, peaks, comedowns, hangovers, addiction, rehabilitation, and loads more. Added Aspiration Goals Addon which adds SimDa Dates to the Serial Romantic Go on 2 Dates Goal & Earn Gold on 3 Dates Goal as well as Soulmates Go on 2 Dates Goal. i checked by disabling all mods and loading the game and suddenly it started workinglooks like tonight is going to be a looong night of sifting through every single modincluding all the uhh naughty ones fmlif i find out what specific mod is causing the issue for me i'll be sure to post it here, even if it's a bit embarrassing haha. Carryable Performance Stage plus Sing Songs! Of course it is still harder to SimDa Date them but after you got to successfully introduce yourself it is possible to archive the Gold Goal (Tested with a Global Superstar as a Date). Hotel with 20+ Beds. Reworked Mod (after learning some new coding tricks ;)). The list includes cannabis (weed), tobacco, cocaine, amphetamine, shrooms, MDMA, ayahuasca, xanax, lean, adderall, LSD, and steroids. I know S4S has a merge package feature, but I wanted to verify here that that would work before I did it. Due to the way the game is coded, it's unfortunately not possible to add to these lists with a script file. Pregnancy OverhaulBetter Autonomous Homework It could have taken hours! That means the Mod now lets Sims put the Sack Lunch into the Fridge right after packing. Is it like custom clubs and such and how do I place them in the world? LittleMsSam's Sims 4 Mods 241 Apr 07 2020 Mod Updates & Translations Patch 1.62.67 Updates More Buyable Venues and new Venue Types (Venue List File) Personal Objects (Computer, Tablets & more) (Shower & Bathtubs) Random Bug Fixes (Weather Death Fix) Random Bug Fixes not needed anymore and moved to obsolete Zip Folder: Additionally, if youd like to explore Basementals mod list, check out their website and Twitter page. Cookie Notice Items by Famous Sims get an extra Bonus now (10% for each level so max. Use the Current Guests etc. Added Call to Meal Fix. my Send to Bed Mod with this too. Feel free to share ideas and content. However sometimes they still prefer to Nap or Relax. Cookie Notice If youre interested in learning more, continue reading to discover what Basemental Mods are in The Sims 4. Movie Hangout SP is necessary It happened to me too but i have the solution for most of you hopefully!! Hello everyone, so quick question. There are three main mod packs featured on the Basemental Mods site: These three mods interconnect and require certain packs to function. This is a tutorial of the Basemental Mod in The Sims 4.In the video I will show you how to:- cultivate (0:30)- sell (3:07)- use (7:59)Here you find the link . Since it is not easy to Attemp Introduce yourself as a nobody i added a Friendly Introduction to Dates if they are level 1-5 of Fame. Please get in touch with me or any of the support team on the Basemental Mods Discord Server with the venue ID and I will add it straight away. This is a compilations of all my tutorials and walkthrough videos. I want to try More Buyable Venues and new Venue Types mod from LittleMsSam but in the first paragraph it says about compatibility with other mods that adds custom venues.. Simplified Chinese by Licer If you click on yourself there should be an option that says drugs and when you click that, click options then assign npcs and you can assign the drug dealer from there. And as such an owner, youre going to collect income from every guest that stays in your hotel. Adds gangs for The Sims 4. but doing some research, I read Zerbu's changelog at, and it reads: Quote Via every ingame Computer or via the Tablet (Tablet has no Animation). Universal Venue List - Basemental Mods. Basemental Drugs Version: 7.16.160 (PUBLIC) Released: 02 Feb 2023 A collection of functional drugs for The Sims 4. Buffs from cheap Beds and gives better Energy while sleeping! Are there any negative drawbacks to the mod? I want to try More Buyable Venues and new Venue Types mod from LittleMsSam but in the first paragraph it says about compatibility with other mods that adds custom venues. My Pets Situation Duration of 100 Days. Privacy Policy. My bet is at least "LittleMsSam_MoreBuyableVenuesVenuesList.package" but the next one could also be the case. Hello everyone, so quick question. you can call the Owner over. have you downloaded the venue list . By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Tenants If you leave the Lot for a Sightseeing Trip and come back and Rented Lots are not considered as owned anymore so the Upgrade should be free there as well. My Venue List includes Zerbu's Venue List (Zerbu - Venues.package), the Get to College Venue List, Basemental Drugs Venue List, Coolspear`s Multipark Venue ID, ChippedSim's Graveyard Venue and Ksuihuh's Venue List ! Create your website today. The only venue list you'll ever need. Additionally, you can also get a generic lot venue and customize it the way you want. So I downloaded basemental drugs, everything has been working fine, but I wanted to make my sims go to a rave and the phone says set a non residential lot to rave location but when I try to do that, theres no options for a rave??? Random Bug Fixes not needed anymore and moved to obsolete Zip Folder: They changed something in stereo files which might fixes the Festival Stereo Bug, so i recommend to remove the Fix as well and test without it. Hiya, trying to download a mod but it requires a venue list, Zerbu's, and I have Basemental's already in my game. There's also another file you may have called, Ksuihuh_Venue List.package that needs to be deleted as well. <3 You gain instant access to all new changes and improvements to my mod, including access to the most recent in-development version of Basemental Drugs. You'll also need the Universal Venue List mod, which is a simple file that pairs with the mod to maintain venue stability. back to normal Venues and sell all owned Venues you bought via this Support the development of Basemental Mods and get early access to in-development versions of the mods! Confirm Booking/Confirm Prisoners/Confirm Tenants With this Interaction you can get Guests/Prisoners/Tenants on the Lot. If you still have Issues downloading my Mods, try this Folder overview: Better Nanny (Younger, Regular, Second Nanny & more), Autonomous go Jogging when Sims are Stressed & Children can Jog too. These range from bars to museums, from clubs to parks. and our the Lot you need to Check them in via Check in Guests/Prisoners/Tenants 16 Mods got Updates, Fixes or small new Mods. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. to stop Sims from changing the Channel in the middle of a Movie. this). recommend selling the Venue via this Interaction to delete the Trait and By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. It is not a script file and can be placed in the same folder as your Basemental Drugs Mod, so it will be unobtrusive. basemental venues list etc? Fee | Preferences Mods so you can customize Generic Lots into your own All Venues still have their individuell behavier, nothing was changed there. (Update of Polish by Anulay). Reworked Mods so you have to install the Main Mods plus the optional Addons instead of several Versions. I have recently started playing the Sims 4 after a very Long brake with the series. Subscribe the SnootySims Newsletter to receive a list of the 100 Best Sims 4 Mods! No/Less Autonomous Picker (Dollhouse, TV, Dance) Version: 6.20.57 (PUBLIC) Released: 02 Sep 2022. Here is a full list of the default venues you can buy with this mod! (Be aware: After closing the Lot a few Sims that where already in the spawn process will still arrive at the Lot.

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